Happy Trails, Superguide…

I think it’s time to put the guide out to pasture, folks.

I’m thankful for all the people I’ve had the privilege and honor to help over the years to save money with their telecom bills and for all that they’ve returned to me in kind; but in reflection, there were moments where I missed the mark. For that, I deeply apologize to anyone I may have harmed in the process. I could be harsh. I went into the guide only wanting to highlight the good in the industry and lead others to that, but somewhere along the line, I went negative. 

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Ask Daley: How to Laptop Shop

Welcome fine readers of The Simple Dollar! Today, we’re going to cover my best practices for laptop shopping. I’ve never covered this topic in depth here before, though I have other places. Given the kindness of Drew over at TSD reaching out to me for feedback and advice on the topic for their own site, I figured it’s time to finally delve into the fullness of that topic here with a few pointers. Let’s get started!

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Mobile Everything On A Budget

Today’s post is almost going to be a guide in and of itself, bordering lightly on an Ask Daley. It has been in development for a long time, and it was inspired by a rather detailed set of questions by a reader/acquaintance through the MMM forums. A gentleman that we’ll refer to as K contacted me about internet and television services while living on the road, retired, out of an RV. He and his wife were considering a setup of over $215/month, was exploring options, and asked for feedback. Although this is targeted at RV enthusiasts, there’s plenty of clever and useful things here for anyone looking to go less minimalist on mobile services than what the guide recommends to pick and choose from without breaking the bank. The following is what came out of this exchange…

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P’tel is Closing


Some of you may know already, and some of you this news might not apply to you currently, but it still might apply to someone you know. I recommended P’tel to a lot of people over the years, and the current news is sad and a little unexpected, but the news needs to be spread as P’tel is swamped as it is. The more who know and can pass on the info to others, the better, and the info needs to be consolidated down into a single location.

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The Math of Ten Bucks

(or how to tell the difference between frugality and being cheap)

I got into a debate with a Republic Wireless customer recently. I know, people are sick of me talking about them; but this isn’t a post about Republic, it’s a post about math. Specifically, it’s a post about math defending why you should spend a little time learning about your communications technology, being willing to pay for what you actually need, and choosing the Cheap and Good options from the modified Engineer’s Iron Triangle instead of Cheap and Easy, especially when we’re talking about recurring monthly costs. We shall do this by simply examining the math behind $10.

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