This post brought to you by the letter “B”

Shalom and welcome! Every blog’s gotta start somewhere, so I might as well start this one here through the wild flinging of letters, words and punctuation. Flinging… there’s a fun word, eh?

This blog here was an inevitability, crafted as a companion piece to the currently developing wiki and provided as a platform to better voice my ideas of modern ethical frugality without walking around and sounding a bit crackers to all my neighbors all the time. The origins to this entire project actually go back a way, and to try and provide you with an entertaining story on this the first post, will attempt to rewind you back through to the beginnings…

Before this post launching the blog and the wiki, before the domain registration with the idea, before the Communications Superguide posted to the MMM forums, before finding the FIRE community, as with many good stories and even more terrible ones, there was a girl. This girl is not my wife, but she is a mutual friend of both myself and the Missus (and practically family) and a lovely girl none the less; and few years back she decided to leave her lovely home of Ireland to go to college in Wisconsin of all places. Upon hearing that, I jumped into action authoring a frugal living survival guide to the United States. Among these assorted giant walls of text spanning topics from food to customs was a communications guide centered on the Milwaukee area to help her find a good ISP, a cheap cellphone and a decent VoIP provider with good rates back to Ireland.

Writing those guides helped spark something in me that day… something that’s been building and gnawing to get out for years, but I can’t really even state that this was the origin even if it was the first time I’d condensed and detailed out the information for other’s consumption. If you want to get technical, I wouldn’t even have had the information to share if not for the fact that my wife and I had gone through searching for an out to our own ridiculous $72 a month cellphone bill from AT&T that was providing us with a whopping 350-400 minutes of service a month and the subsequent nightmare of dealing with NET10 and Tracfone that followed after. Nor can I ignore the contributions that occurred from trying to do similar budget cuts and internet connection improvements for my parents out on their Indian Burial Groundâ„¢ around the same time. These stories can be saved for another time, however, and only lend color to the spark of the original guides and their creation.

In the end, a lot of people helped contribute to the launch of this through whatever divine kismet there was steering this barge, whether they realize it or not. The Almighty, the Missus, my parents, the family, telecom executives, the folks at Howard Forums, MMM and the Mustachian community, the folks down at our shul, a bunch of people who don’t fall into any readily definable group, and last but certainly not least, Juls, the Irish lass that helped make me structure the info in my noggin into something useful for all of us. Here’s to this becoming a wonderful thing, and I hope you’re all pleased with the end result.


Photo by Rachel Glaves and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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