Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief

As I’m sure many of you are aware, on Sunday May 19th and Monday May 20th, the Oklahoma City area has been hit heavily with tornadoes, with today (the 20th) being the worst. An EF5 tornado two miles wide has torn through Moore Oklahoma this afternoon leaving a nearly 20 mile long path of destruction in a suburb of 50,000 people over the course of about 40 minutes.
Moore Tornado, May 20, 2013Oklahoma tornado: 51 killed, 120 injured, including 70 children

Why do I care? Because Oklahoma City is my home town. My wife and I are safe… however, there’s an entire chunk of our city lying in ruin tonight and these people will need help in the days, weeks and months ahead.

This is where I’m going to throw down the gauntlet to you, the reader.

This blog gets over 3,000 unique readers a month. The Communications Superguide has been read over 46,000 times and is the most read thread on the MMM forums, and has the second longest post count only to the Say Hi thread.  I know I’ve helped a lot of people here over the past year and change save hundreds and thousands of dollars on their communications bills. Now it’s time for you to return the favor.

If you ever found the information I’ve written valuable? Give some money for relief efforts.
If you saved some money on your cell phone bill? Give some money for relief efforts.
If I ever helped you out directly and answered any of your questions? Give some money for relief efforts.
If you feel fortunate to be alive? Give some money for relief efforts.

I will be happy to see you give whatever you can or are comfortable with, but the true challenge here is the amount I’m going to try and encourage you to give. That amount? At least one month worth of savings between your old total communications bills and your now cheaper ones. That means if you started out paying $250 a month for your cell phones, internet, cable TV and home phone when you showed up here and now pay $100 thanks to the resources posted, I want to challenge you to donate at least $150 to one or more of the charities I’ll have linked below.

I’d encourage you not to disclose your amounts given or to whom, as this is something I view as Tzedakah. I also request that you do not attach my name, my blog’s name or the MMM community to the donations either out of respect to me and the spirit desired for you to give in, though clearly I will not stop you if you insist on doing so. Finally, I request that you do not earmark your donations for any specific subsection of relief efforts and give to the general funds instead, as I don’t want to see new houses with five bathrooms built because some wisenheimers decided to earmark their donations solely for rebuilding homes while say infrastructure goes underfunded and unfinished. Got it? Good.

Known charities and organizations taking tornado disaster relief donations (last updated May 23, 2013):
American Red Cross
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Crossings Community Church
Feed the Children
Oklahoma City University
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
The Salvation Army
United Methodist Committee on Relief
United Way of Central Oklahoma

The Daily Oklahoman also has a detailed list of aid organizations available here.

Also, for any locals, I’m willing to help coordinate with any volunteer efforts being made in the area. Please contact me through this form if you’re interested.

Thank you, and may the L-rd bless you for your assistance.

Kol tov (be well),
-Irving P. Daley
The Technical Meshugana
(not my real name)

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief

  1. UPDATE:

    I have a laptop with a GSM modem and two old Nokia telephones. I’m in process of trying to contact reps with both Platinumtel and Airvoice Wireless for assistance in obtaining SIM cards, minutes and data services for the equipment so I can head out to shelter areas in the OKC metro and provide the displaced means to contact friends, family, loved ones and give them access to the American Red Cross Safe & Well website.

    Get the word out, tweet about this to @ptelmobile and @AirvoiceTalk and others, share on Facebook as well /ptelmobile and /Airvoice-Wireless and others. (Suddenly, my anti-social media ludditeism is working against me.)

    If I cannot get support from them directly, I would appreciate any possible leads or financial assistance from anyone in the cellular phone industry in trying to get these resources together. Thank you.

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