Welcome to Technical Meshugana, a blog and (coming) wiki dedicated to leveraging technology and ethics towards total independence! What is a technical meshugana? Well, meshugana is Hebrew for “crazy person”, and technical is just that. I’m a crazy IT tech who has a passion for frugal and ethical living and leveraging technology as a tool towards Financial Independence/Early Retirement (FIRE). Most of the Mr. Money Mustache crowd knows me as I.P. Daley, the author of the Communications Superguide in the MMM forums. People down at the synagogue know me as Will. Here, I’m the Technical Meshugana, the only man crazy enough to help you spin a shoestring IT budget into technical gold… amongst other things.

I should be clear about the purpose of this site. First and foremost, it is about helping and teaching people and not monetizing information. That said, this does take a fair bit of my time. I’m not looking to get rich off the internet… I’m hardly even expecting to break even here, but it would be nice to receive a bit of financial support for the work put in and to keep the lights on. As such, I do have a storefront and I will provide some referral links to items, but rest assure that I will never personally promote or desire to make money off of any product or service that I do not firmly believe in or wouldn’t use for myself or my family. I will also provide clearly labeled non-referral links for anything promoted as well, just so you have the choice to support this site or not. I’m not here to sell you stuff, though. Honestly, I’d rather see you make do with what you have than buy something else, but I also know that some of the changes you can make to lower your cost of living and improve your life will require investment in items you do not have yet. For those items, there will be links to the best tools I can recommend for the job, whether I can make a little scratch off of recommending them or not. For the remaining nitty-gritty, you can read the legal disclosures here.

Finally, my mission statement can be found here, and my statement of faith is here. Why bring my faith into this at all? Because understanding where someone is coming from helps one to better understand what they’re trying to communicate as perspective, and context is everything when communicating. I’m not asking you to agree with me, I don’t even necessarily care if you like what I say… all I ask is that you respect and understand what is stated, and the same will be returned in kind. If you want to be upset (not that I’m looking to cheese you off), it’s important that you’re upset for the right reason, and not because of some half-truth, misunderstanding, or other little thing that can be readily fixed through open discussion. Speaking of which, you can drop me a line directly here, if you ever feel inclined.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the site!