Mission Statement

Why do this? Because the L-rd has blessed me with the skill and know-how to help others to utilize technology as a tool instead of a distraction.

For the time and due to the abundance of cheap computational power and availability combined with the free market and free and open source software, we live in an age where many of the poorest within first world countries have more tools and resources available to them than any other period of time in recorded history. Further, with wise usage of these technological tools in key functions, we can turn them into means to reduce our cost of living further while maximizing their potential for knowledge and communications and improving our work productivity.

This isn’t to say that I’m a fan of technology – quite the contrary. Frequently and often, modern technology is utilized as a means of distraction for us, and for even some, enslavement. As long as we are blessed with the opportunity to continue to utilize our vast communications infrastructure and overabundance of affordable computational devices as tools for the betterment of ourselves and our communities, I’ll be here helping to do so… but when the day comes that the transition finally reaches a tipping point and these tools become our very shackles, they shall be cast away.

I firmly believe in a simpler life, a straightforward life. As a believer, I strive to be a steward of His creation, to work towards the betterment of those around me, and to strive not for material wealth but wisdom and the freedom to do as I’m called to through self-sufficiency, and a humble and sustainable lifestyle. These are all goals and tenants of a sound, Torah-centric Judaic faith… they’re also similarly shared goals of many people within the Financial Independence/Early Retirement (FIRE) community, including that of Mr. Money Mustache. For now, the pursuit of technology as a toolkit with these goals is compatible with those beliefs within reason.

This is a technical blog and FIRE technology guide first; my promise up front is not to beat you over your head with my faith. It can and may shine through in places where various wisdom and allegory can be drawn, but I never want you to think you must believe as I do to be here. There are universal gems of wisdom from all creeds and walks of life, and I welcome your sharing them with me so long as you indulge my desire to do the same with my own beliefs. Its presence is here to keep me honest and keep me balanced, and act as platform to help share my more general knowledge in the kindest and most useful means possible for us all.