Mobile Everything On A Budget

Today’s post is almost going to be a guide in and of itself, bordering lightly on an Ask Daley. It has been in development for a long time, and it was inspired by a rather detailed set of questions by a reader/acquaintance through the MMM forums. A gentleman that we’ll refer to as K contacted me about internet and television services while living on the road, retired, out of an RV. He and his wife were considering a setup of over $215/month, was exploring options, and asked for feedback. Although this is targeted at RV enthusiasts, there’s plenty of clever and useful things here for anyone looking to go less minimalist on mobile services than what the guide recommends to pick and choose from without breaking the bank. The following is what came out of this exchange…

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The Mobile Detox Challenge

Earlier in the week, I proposed and started a challenge to the MMM community after a great deal of discussion over the subject and influence of mobile phone usage and addiction. As such, I basically put my money where my mouth is, just to show that I do genuinely believe in the advice I dispense here and even go so far as to practice what I preach. Now, I’m bringing the challenge to all my readers today, the day the iPhone 6 goes on sale. (It seems appropriate.)

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Cast of Pods 2 – The Poddening

I’m not entirely sure why, but Joshua Sheats over at Radical Personal Finance decided to invite me back for another interview full of stammering and repetitious phrases latched onto to help fill dead air time while my brain tried to instruct my mouth in the art of stringing an assortment of grunts and clicks into intelligent conversation.

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Technology & Our Privacy

I haven’t linked or talked much about the latest news regarding the NSA, PRISM, or Edward Snowden’s leaks. Truthfully, I’m unsurprised and feel this changes nothing about the current state of privacy and technology. People are overreacting only because ignorance is bliss. Anyone even truly familiar with what networked technologies can do are simply reaffirmed of suspicions we’ve had for years.

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Revisit: When Your Stuff Isn’t Your Stuff

Back in October of 2012, I posted an article that’s gotten a surprising amount of traffic over the past few months entitled When Your Stuff Isn’t Your Stuff, and in it I discussed the threat to First Sale Doctrine that the Wiley v. Kirtsaeng case was presenting for us all. Well, it’s been four and a half months now, and we’ve finally had a decision handed down from the Supreme Court on March 19th: a 6 – 3 decision in favor of Supap Kirtsaeng. First Sale is safe again for the time being and the “parade of horribles” has been marched back into the wardrobe, although tentatively.

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