Ask Daley: How to Laptop Shop

Welcome fine readers of The Simple Dollar! Today, we’re going to cover my best practices for laptop shopping. I’ve never covered this topic in depth here before, though I have other places. Given the kindness of Drew over at TSD reaching out to me for feedback and advice on the topic for their own site, I figured it’s time to finally delve into the fullness of that topic here with a few pointers. Let’s get started!

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Mobile Everything On A Budget

Today’s post is almost going to be a guide in and of itself, bordering lightly on an Ask Daley. It has been in development for a long time, and it was inspired by a rather detailed set of questions by a reader/acquaintance through the MMM forums. A gentleman that we’ll refer to as K contacted me about internet and television services while living on the road, retired, out of an RV. He and his wife were considering a setup of over $215/month, was exploring options, and asked for feedback. Although this is targeted at RV enthusiasts, there’s plenty of clever and useful things here for anyone looking to go less minimalist on mobile services than what the guide recommends to pick and choose from without breaking the bank. The following is what came out of this exchange…

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Democratic Motors

The past few weeks, I’ve been hit by several frothing, angry, irrational “fans” of a particular pseudo-MVNO/VoIP provider here and elsewhere calling me a hater and other silly names despite my not doing a post on the subject since July 2014, and never particularly pointing out more than the known downsides and costs of their most favoritist mobile provider in the world in relation to other providers elsewhere, as usual. I’ve even got some supportive comments from others, but I’ve felt uncomfortable greenlighting their comments as well, as a couple of them have been barbed with so much venom against our mutual adversary I felt it crossed a line I’m not comfortable supporting. I try to speak truth in love, and though I know I can get snarky at times, I try to stick with just the facts.

That said, I think it may be analogy time. Grab some hot cocoa and snuggle in, chillun’. Unka Daley’s gonna tell you a story.

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Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!

No doubt those of you who have taken my recommendations over the years on using older Nokia Symbian handsets (especially the S40/Asha models) have had a nasty little surprise crop up in their email apps the past few days. Well, I helped get you in this fine mess that Microsoft has created, it’s only fitting that I help get you back out.

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Cast of Pods 2 – The Poddening

I’m not entirely sure why, but Joshua Sheats over at Radical Personal Finance decided to invite me back for another interview full of stammering and repetitious phrases latched onto to help fill dead air time while my brain tried to instruct my mouth in the art of stringing an assortment of grunts and clicks into intelligent conversation.

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