Google Fi-fee-fo-feh.

A lot of buzz has been circulating around the MVNO and FIRE communities the past couple days since Google officially announced their Google Fi service. Of course, it’s been a mixed reception, but those of us in the know aren’t particularly moved by it. Since it’s on people’s minds, however, I’m going to *ahem* exploit the topic shamelessly and not only talk about it’s possible value, but also how to do nearly the same danged thing for about the same cost without buying a ghastly $650 Nexus 6. That’s right, we’re ‘skatin again!

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Ask Daley: Entertainment on the Cheap

With today’s Ask Daley, we have a question from Dorkus who I encountered through the MMM Forums. The question is regarding alternatives to cable boxes and providing streaming media to the family television, and the best devices for doing so. Dorkus writes:

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