Get the Pomade, Ma…

…I needs to wax my ‘stache!

My upper lip was tingly all morning, and now I know why. Welcome MMM readers to the Technical Meshugana! Some of you might already know me as IP Daley over in the MMM forums, curator of the Communications Superguide. For those of you just joining in, this blog and developing wiki (slowly developing) is probably best described as a natural outgrowth of that guide growing into a hybrid of the early days of the Tech Report, Howard Forums, and Broadband Reports for the FIRE set with a dose of philosophy and ethics to our lifestyle served on the side. There’s not much here as of yet, but the resources are still young.

I know the Canadian MVNO post is not the thickest and richest in detail, but there are plans to expand and organize that information out a bit farther for our fine Northern friends as time permits. In the mean time, I hope you stick around, enjoy your stay (and the other topics), and pop back in from time to time!