P’tel is Closing


Some of you may know already, and some of you this news might not apply to you currently, but it still might apply to someone you know. I recommended P’tel to a lot of people over the years, and the current news is sad and a little unexpected, but the news needs to be spread as P’tel is swamped as it is. The more who know and can pass on the info to others, the better, and the info needs to be consolidated down into a single location.

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Google Fi-fee-fo-feh.

A lot of buzz has been circulating around the MVNO and FIRE communities the past couple days since Google officially announced their Google Fi service. Of course, it’s been a mixed reception, but those of us in the know aren’t particularly moved by it. Since it’s on people’s minds, however, I’m going to *ahem* exploit the topic shamelessly and not only talk about it’s possible value, but also how to do nearly the same danged thing for about the same cost without buying a ghastly $650 Nexus 6. That’s right, we’re ‘skatin again!

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TruLocalPhone Magic, or how to beat Republic Wireless at their own game

A couple years ago, I’d written a brief post over on the MMM forums about how to beat the old Republic Wireless plans using Google Voice and other MVNOs. Of course, a lot has changed since then… including Republic’s pricing structure. Let’s revisit the topic, shall we?

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Ask Daley: Southwest Colorado 2 – Cellphone Boogaloo

Daley's old Samsung InterceptToday’s installment of Ask Daley is a follow-up from Karen out in Southwest Colorado. Normally, I don’t post follow-up questions as a feature article, but the subject material overlaps with a topic I’ve been meaning to address for a while now that can help others: how to shop for a used cell phone. On with the question!

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