Dial C for Canada, eh!

Today is the last and shortest of the posts directly related to the major questions and comments found in the comments from MMM’s Our New $10.00 Per Month iPhone Plans post, and we’ll primarily be focusing on Canadian solutions… but first, a new tool! My friend Yolfer over at Foundry In The Forest has created a spreadsheet calculator for folks looking to figure out if it would be worth switching wireless carriers to a cheaper plan if you’re under contract, and liking the idea (and given the consummate tweaker that I am), I created a stand alone web based version for folks to use. You can find it, use it, and link to it here: http://www.techmeshugana.com/tools/wirelessroi.html

And now, back to our topic…

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Dial V for Virtual Network

I know, terrible title, but I figured since it’s a series of three posts I should carry the theme.

In the first post, we discussed how to reduce your reliance on expensive texting fees, how to avoid the traps of “unlimited” service, the importance of reading your Terms of Service agreement with your new prepaid carrier, and how only paying for what you actually need can save you money.

Today, I’ll be covering the basics of what an MVNO really is, and how prepaid service works and differs from your traditional postpaid account.

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