The Mobile Detox Challenge

Earlier in the week, I proposed and started a challenge to the MMM community after a great deal of discussion over the subject and influence of mobile phone usage and addiction. As such, I basically put my money where my mouth is, just to show that I do genuinely believe in the advice I dispense here and even go so far as to practice what I preach. Now, I’m bringing the challenge to all my readers today, the day the iPhone 6 goes on sale. (It seems appropriate.)

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What is mobile media costing you?

Everybody loves their smartphone. And honestly, what’s not to love? It’s a tiny computer that brings to you all the tools and conveniences of the Internet into your pocket. Inversely, everyone hates their cellular carrier because they feel ripped off. But why? Because people love convenience and stink at math.

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How to save money with an iPhone

Despite the previous post trying to dispel the sheer hype of the iPhone, I still not only have people wanting to use these things, but they can’t seem to work out how to make the carrier changes necessary to save money with them using the superguide. As such, let’s help out with this situation by walking through the entire process.

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