Closing & Miscellaneous Resources

I know that the previous eight sections can be a bit of a dense, meaty read if you plow through the entire thing in one go, but it also covers nearly every aspect of modern communications and how to take a machete to the bills that come along with it. If you’re having difficulty digesting it all, take it in chunks and focus on optimizing one portion at a time. Cell phone bills are the lowest hanging fruit, so it might be best to just start there.

It can be easy to let technology and information overwhelm you, but it need not do that. Your technology is designed to only do what you tell it to. By growing to understand and master the various ways you can control these tools, the more freedom you’re truly granted as your personal independence increases by that much more. This information isn’t going anywhere for the immediate future, so you have the time to re-visit and research further. Take command of these tools and this information, and empower yourself. You’ve been given the knowledge of how to take back control of a portion of your monthly recurring budget that currently plagues countless other families who want to save money but can’t figure out how to do so.

Although modern communications technology can be a terrific time and money saver in some regards, it’s also historically unnecessary, and at the levels most people spend on it, an absolute frivolous waste caught up in the illusion of necessity. This guide isn’t about doing entirely without, it’s about examining what’s important and making it work for you at a reasonable price.

Just remember, financial savings is the byproduct of not wasting money. You should write that one on your mirror.

Miscellaneous Resources

Despite the considerable organization and consolidation of the previous pages of information, there’s still little bits of technical flotsam that just can’t be wedged elsewhere or often get repeatedly asked. This trailing edge will be that sloppy consolidation of those resources.

iPhone Users

Please read this post before asking any questions about how to migrate your iPhone over to an MVNO:
How to save money with an iPhone

As for potentially investing in iPhones in general if you haven’t already, read this first:
Are iPhones worth it?

Cell Phones

For GSM smartphone users who would like a 3FF micro-SIM punch to trim their prepaid 2FF mini-SIM cards down to size without busting out the scissors and a nail file, Naners has graciously started a SIM cutter exchange for the MMM community:
SIM Cutter Exchange

For anyone having trouble doing the math to figure out if breaking contract and paying off the ETF is worth it to save money with their cell phone provider, there’s two useful calculators online:
My Rate Plan’s ETF Calculator
Technical Meshugana’s Wireless Plan Calculator

For those of you wanting to know if T-Mobile has made the transition over to 1900MHz PCS/UMTS 3G data coverage in your city, check with this map:
Sightings of T-Mobile 3G/4G/HSPA+ coverage on 1900MHz (PCS/UMTS band II)

For Canadians looking for alternate prepaid cellphone plans, there’s a brief overview of all the providers here:
Dial C for Canada, eh!

Verizon Wireless Users

Verizon LTE users looking to go to Page Plus, please take note of this post:$10-00-per-month-iphone-plans/msg63233/#msg63233

Verizon iPhone 4/4s users looking to switch to Page Plus, read the exchange between The Dude and myself first:$10-00-per-month-iphone-plans/msg44819/#msg44819

Update for Verizon iPhone 5 users: just assume you will never be able to take your device to Page Plus, however the GSM slot is unlocked from the factory in compliance with an FCC mandate required in their spectrum used for LTE services, which means you can still use the device with any AT&T or T-Mobile GSM provider. This does not apply to Sprint iPhone 5 CDMA customers!

If you’re still looking for some necessary information that you might like to see included here, or have any remaining questions, drop me a line.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I truly hope you’ve come out a wiser and better prepared consumer as well as a money saving machine. May your communications needs be met, and your service bills light.


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